Services Overview 

Our activities expand beyond the traditional role of a real-estate broker and Realtor Company. We aim at creating a modern real-estate business by financing our projects by Crowdfunding.
With the real-estate market being highly sensitivity to the economic situation, we will provide a more stable way to access property and ownership.
In order to minimize the cost of our activities, we plan to supervise constructions from their financing to their sale and development such as the brokering and rental of the property.
We also intend to set up contracts with local builders to whom all building equipment is provided.
All these agreements will be integrated into a database of entrusted professionals we would appeal to when needed.
We will own several equipment items on a permanent basis. They will be carried in trucks which will be spread over the countries on the construction sites.

Main Services 

In exchange of the financial help, the crowdfunders will receive a part of property in the buildings proportional to the chosen amount on the internet platform.
In case you wish to acquire the full ownership of the property, as a crowdfunder you benefit from a preferential price. You can live the dream of owning your own house!
Once the project has come to a closure, we will organize the resale, redevelopment or rental of the property. Part of the revenues will be given to the crowdfunders as landlords according to their participation in funding the project, and the rest will come back to the Corporation.